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The lines blur at who we are and what we do, tugging at us to find the space for self discovery, passion and most of all FUN!

A 9 to 5 routine, as essential as it may be, sometimes inhibits us from being the best that we can be. The web of expectations, responsibilities and achievements rarely allows one to really focus on job-effectiveness of his/her actual efforts.

The Looking Glass, yet again, comes to the rescue!

The Looking Glass initiates an exploratory expedition where no discovery is too small. Programs are designed to free the stifled mind, allowing it to breathe outside the cubicle. The processes allow the participants to explore their talents and capabilities with reference to their environs. Emphasis is laid upon working on effective communication, team-building, teamwork and leadership skills.

Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts and Integrated Workshops provide impetus to the participants helping them recognise their strengths and weaknesses, unshackle themselves from the latter, thus allowing them to give their 100%.

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