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“Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun…” – Pink Floyd.

All of us want our children to shine like the sun, and The Looking Glass provides the spark that helps every child become its own unique sun.

Workshops with Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts are custom-designed to help students discover their true potential, using methods that are child-friendly and in context to their surroundings. Our process-driven approach makes Academic concepts come to life, ensuring every child’s holistic development. The various platforms for interactions with students aim at providing different perspectives through arts, helping hone their talents. This in turn builds their confidence and opens their eyes to a world of possibilities.

Communication skills, critical thinking skills and negotiation skills are indispensable in today’s world. Bearing these in mind, our interactive activities allow for experiential learning to take place, getting students to work together, hence inspiring peer learning, teamwork, and leadership qualities.

Crux of the matter: a spark for learning, intent furnished, curiosity nurtured, and the true self revealed – this is what The Looking Glass has to offer.

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