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Introduction to Indian Classical Music.

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The world music department of Ruth Asawa San Francisco, School of the Arts believes in offering their students authentic experiences with the arts. They invited The Looking Glass to introduce the students to the basics of Indian Classical Music. A 2-hour interactive workshop was conducted for the students of World Music, Chamber Music and the Orchestra. The idea was to open up the students to the mutli-layered concepts in Indian classical music. While exploring the new sounds, they began with relating their knowledge about Western Classical Music and Jazz to what they were being introduced to. They jumped upon the opportunity to sing along the sargams, clapped enthusiastically carefully maintaining the rhythm and responded spontaneously with applying their knowledge of keeping the taal when they were introduced to the bandishes. The energy from the students only made the process for us so much more engaging and memorable! We look forward to having more such interactions with them 🙂 😀

Introduction to Indian Classical Music. workshops

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