The Looking Glass is an initiative towards integrating Arts and Education at the most natural, organic and humane level. Through Music, Dance, Theatre and Visual Arts, we endeavour to create an ambience that perpetuates the natural development of an individual, sensitising him/her, and ultimately helping the individual embark upon a journey to finding the Self.


  • workshopsopen

    TLG offers customised workshops that are informative, interactive and exciting thus providing a dynamic learning environment. Through audio- visual aids and hands-on experience, individuals and organisations will develop new perspectives, widen their horizons and fall in love with the arts.

    The duration of the workshops could range from 1 day workshops to 6-month intensive workshops based on the topics and requirement of the organisation.

  • lec-demsopen

    Lec-dems aim at increasing one’s knowledge base and aesthetic awareness by combining fundamental theories with meaningful live demonstrations and audio- visual aids. Experts in the field will help provide an in-depth understanding of various forms of art thus enabling participants to appreciate art better and hence, better art.

    Lec-Dems would be conducted for 3 hours ranging from a day’s presentation to split over 2 to 3 days.

  • on-campus programsopen

    0n campus programs provide customised, consistent, sessions and training for schools, colleges, and for corporates. Education combined with art helps participants to see what they look at, hear what they listen to, and feel what they touch.

    On Campus programs for Schools and Colleges:

    • Year-long structured engagement with the arts.
    • Enhancing the way arts is taught in schools.
    • Curriculum designed to facilitate holistic development, experiential learning and include children with different preferences using the model of Multiple Intelligences.
    • Offers training for students, teachers and parents.
    • Provides measurable outcomes.

    On-campus programs for Corporates:

    • Consistent training in soft skills
    • Identifying, articulating and reiterating organisational philosophy through on-going training programs

  • clubsopen

    After-school Clubs

    TLG presents a hub for arts enthusiasts to explore arts, meet like minded people, interact with professionals and in the process learn about the arts. Clubs are participant directed and gently guided by TLG.

    These sessions are for students who are trained or training in some art form and wish to share their learning with others.

Programs designed to initiate newcomers or beginners into the fascinating world of art.

A series of programs with hands-on experiences wired into the structure, to engage amateurs and professionals alike.  

An in-depth analysis and complete involvement in creation of new and unique art form expressions.


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