The Very First

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The Very First

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

― Henry Ford


Anuraag told us about this quote on the final day of our training when we were filled with doubts about whether or not we would be able to handle the children in our respective classes. Then with a fun activity (the best one of our training yet) we were shown how, if we concentrate all our will-power on our aim, nothing will be impossible to achieve.

So, last Monday, July 7, gathering all our enthusiasm and resolve, four of us went to conduct our first class with the kids in Grade 1. We were probably very annoying considering how we kept asking Anuraag and Priyanka about when we would get to meet the kids (we were too excited to wait or to pass time setting up the classroom). Finally after what seemed like an endless wait ended, there they were- the cute 1st Grade kids from the 1st school that we visited for our 1st session. They were our very first field experience as TLG interns. Their eyes beamed with curiosity. They knew something different was waiting for them; and indeed something new, something exciting did await them: TLG was about to take them on a journey filled with art, craft, music and games.

The next three hours were full of fun with the TLG interns singing nursery rhymes with the children, dancing and frolicking with them and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together. Oh, watching Mickey Mouse go on adventurous trips with his friends was never so interesting!

They say there’s always something special about your ‘firsts’ in life- the first time you meet someone special, your first job, first salary, etc. Well, this was certainly the best ‘first’ experience I ever had.

-Nikita Sharma


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